Sparrow Protection Group, LLC (SPG) is a Maryland based, licensed, & Insured Company that specializes in security solutions. The establishment of Sparrow Protection Group, LLC was the result of the need to provide thorough security solutions to our clients as visualized by the company's founder and President, Jacobi C. Jones. Mr. Jones is an experienced law enforcement specialist with 10 plus years working within the government, and private security sector. The SPG Operations Team is comprised of personnel with over 30 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement, Professional Security Management, Workplace Safety, and Military Services. As a result, our clients receive supreme comprehensive security analysis and protection. 


SPG offers security solutions to determine the credibility and the seriousness of threats, as well as, physical security against unauthorized access. The SPG team has ability to remain calm under pressure, to be observant, and deter assaults and other dangers to individuals. The SPG team offers security solutions for potential losses to commercial and retail establishments.


"We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service available in the industry, and take pride our ability to offer SPG customers personal and timely attention to their precise needs."

Sparrow Protection Group, LLC

2718 W. North Avenue

Suite 220

Baltimore Maryland 21216

410.961.7918 office

410.644.3154  fax email

Maryland State Police Security Guard Agency & Private Detective Agency #106-4264

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